My Emma Bridgewater Sale Finds

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Well it’s no surprise I’m a big fan of the winter Emma Bridgewater sale. I’ve been a huge Emma Bridgewater fan for the last 10 years and use it every day. 

Over the years I have snapped up some amazing pieces in the sale….. it’s definitely my favorite time to buy. I use many of my Emma Bridgewater pieces every day but some special pieces just come out at Christmas or for entertaining, and I do also love to use them for display too. Over the years I have loved having dressers and shelves with my collections on display.

My favorite collections of the years have been Sampler, Pink and Splatter but over the last year I have started to like Black Toast again (this may be dangerous!) 

So below are some of the best bargains I have found in the current sale.

Happy Shopping,

Kirsty xx

Pink Hearts 10 1/2″ Plate: Rrp £14.95 – Sale £14.95 / Buy Here

Love this pattern. Serve a romantic meal from this 10.5 Inch Pink Hearts Plate. It doesn’t have to just be on Valentine’s Day, treat them every day.

Knives & Forks Set of 3 Caddies: Rrp £35.00 – Sale £15.95 / Buy Here

One caddy is for sugar; the others in this Knives and Forks Set are up to you. Coffee? Tea? Buttons? Nails? Feel free to choose.

Rise & Shine Brand New Day 8 1/2 Plate: Rrp £12.95 – sale £10.95 / Buy Now

Scrambled eggs for breakfast, anyone? Yes, please! With salmon? Ooooh, yes please!!! Get the day off to a perfect start with breakfast served on our Rise & Shine Brand New Day 8 1/2″ Plate.

Pink Hearts Set of 4 Melamine Placemats: Rrp £35.00 – Sale £15.95

Fill your kitchen with love with our gorgeous Pink Hearts wipe clean placemats.

Rise & Shine Early to Rise 6 1/2 Plate: Rrp £9.95 – Sale £7.95 / Buy Now

Particularly apt for those who like to get up with the larks (and rooster, of course): our Rise & Shine Early to Rise 6 1/2″ Plate .

Wooden Eggs Holder: Rrp £35.00 – Sale £27.95 / Buy Now

One of nature’s little marvels, eggs are really just too pretty to hide away in a box, so give them pride of place in this beautifully made wooden holder.

Rise & Shine Hollandaise10 1/2″ Plate: Rrp £14.95 / sale £11.95 / Buy Now

Eggs are indeed delicious with – and in – hollandaise sauce. Asparagus is a rather fine accompaniment too. Serve what takes your fancy on our Rise & Shine Hollandaise 10 1/2″ Plate.

Seconds Rise & Shine 1 1/2Pint Jug: Rrp £25.95 – Sale £20.95// Buy Now

Put together a cracking good breakfast at Easter by mixing this pattern with Toast & Marmalade. Start off with some freshly squeezed orange juice, served in our Rise & Shine 1 1/2 Pint Jug.

LOVE! Black Toast Large Straight Jug: Rrp £44.95 – Sale £35.95 / Buy Now

Whether you like your custard hot or cold, or made fresh or made from a packet, there’s no denying that the only way to serve up everyone’s childhood favourite is in our Black Toast Straight Jug.

Black Toast Set of 2 Glass Flutes Boxed: Rrp £59.95 – Sale £41.95 / Buy Now

For lovers of Champagne or Prosecco or Cava or a Bellini, or just lovers our boxed set of 2 fizz flute glasses are wonderful for saying ‘congratulations’ or ‘cheers’.


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