My Disney Ticket Guide….Best Deals & How To Avoid The Queues

We are massive Florida fans and this year we’re very excited to be going back as a family. I covered getting to Florida without spending a fortune in my last blog post READ HERE

I’ve searched the internet for the best deals on tickets for Disney & Universal Studios and have found a great website.

My Top Fast Pass Tips – Avoid The Queues At Disney

If you’ve never been to Disney I will try and give you my tips on using the Disney App and not queuing. I get loads of messages saying I went in August and we queued for 3 hours for this ride etc…. I can honestly say the longest I have ever queued in August was last year at Hollywood Studios on the new Millenium Falcon Smugglers run ride. I’ve never queued longer and thats all due to using the Disney App

When you buy your tickets you need to link them to your Disney App. If you stay in a Disney hotel you can pre book fast passes 60 days before – Non Disney hotels is 30 days before the day you go. Fast passes for those who have no clue what I’m talking about is the innovative ride reservation system introduced in 1999 for Disney world visitors. This allowed people to avoid long lines at the attractions and get tickets that allowed them to return to the attraction at specific times and hop right on board.

Last year everything I pre-booked I cancelled when we got to the parks. I found that if I booked the day before and kept refreshing I could get fast passes for rides like Space Mountain, Test Track, Thunder mountain and Avatar flight of passage etc…. People make last minute changes to plans so fast passes become available all the time. I’m not saying don’t book 60/30 days before but don’t be scared to change your fast pass bookings once you are at Disney.

The Disney App

My top tip!!

When I book my fast passes I book for first thing in the morning then an hour later and then the third an hour later. For example…..

9am – 10am – Buzzlight year

10am – 11am – Space Mountain

11am – 12noon – Test Track.

Then once we use the final fast pass and are getting on the ride I get the app open and book my next fast pass. I keep pressing refresh until a fast pass I want is an option. Usually we get the next fast pass in the next 15 – 30 minutes, so by the time we have finished the ride and walk to the next fast pass. This is the method I used to get 4 x 4 people fast passes to Avatar Flight of Passage!

The mistake with fast passes is when you arrive at 9am and have a fast pass at 10am , 11am and 7pm – until you use the 3rd fast pass you cant get anymore. So you have to queue non-stop until 7pm.

Check Ride Times:

Often for many reasons including a thunder storm incoming rides stop and everyone has to get off. When this happens the app updates to let you know but if you time it right when they re open the queue you can be at the front of the queue!

Spread The Cost

I have always bought tickets myself and last year I found a fantastic official website who was selling tickets to Orlando attractions where you could pay a small deposit of £10 per person and pay monthly. Just like I do when I book the holiday. Full information here

If you want to go to all the parks as many times as you like in a 14 day period then the 14 day ticket is for you. Disney do not discount other than offering 14 days for the price of 7.

You will get your tickets and on the first day you go to a booth and they will give you cards to use to get in and for fast passes or you can buy some bands. We bought bands this year as its easier than getting a card out all the time. The bands and card act as your passport around Disney. They work as fast passes, entry cards and store any photos you get taken around the park.

For more information about spreading the cost of your 2020/2021 ticket costs click here

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